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Iceland Called Upon Sri Lanka to Create a Special Judicial Mechanism for War Crimes and Urged to Prevent Further Delays in Transitional Justice

Geneva, 20 March 2019 - Iceland noted with concern that virtually no progress has been made in investigating or prosecuting domestically the large number of allegations of war crimes or crimes against humanity collected by OHCHR in its investigation, and particularly those relating to military operations at the end of the war and called upon Sri Lanka to create a special judicial mechanism for this purpose.

ICJ Urges Sri Lanka  to Take Immediate Measures to Establish the Judicial Mechanism with International Involvement - Encourages Member States to exercise universal jurisdiction

Geneva, 01 March 2019 - International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), a non-governmental organization in special consultative status, in a written statement to the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council, urges Sri Lanka to take immediate measures to establish the judicial mechanism with international involvement as contemplated under operative paragraph 6 of Resolution 30/1 of the Council. The mechanism should ensure gender parity, be accessible for women in civil society, and allow female victims to fully participate in the process, it says.

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