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Sri Lankan official misrepresents discussion of UN human rights report - UN Human Rights Chief Ms Michelle Bachelet

GENEVA (27 March 2019) — UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet said Wednesday that a newspaper article quoting a senior Sri Lankan official "seriously misrepresents" her discussion of the recent UN Human Rights Office report1 on Sri Lanka with a Government delegation attending the Human Rights Council in Geneva on March 20. "Neither of these claims are true," Bachelet said. "Either the newspaper misunderstood the Governor, or the Governor misunderstood – or misquoted – me." The High Commissioner said she stands fully behind her report and the oral statement at the UNHRC. "I am deeply disappointed by the spin that has been put on my discussion with the Sri Lankan Government delegation," she said, noting that other news outlets in Sri Lanka were also continuing to significantly misrepresent the Human Rights Council process in Geneva.

Continuing impunity risks fuelling communal or interethnic violence, and instability in Sri Lanka: UN Human Rights Chief Ms Michelle Bachelet

Geneva, 20 March 2019 - "There has been minimal progress on accountability. Continuing impunity risks fuelling communal or interethnic violence, and instability. Resolving these cases, and bringing the perpetrators of past crimes to justice, is necessary to restore the confidence of victims from all communities," UN Human Rights Chief Ms. Michelle Bachelet said today.

UN Human Rights Chief: New Zealand Attack Is Another Reminder That Racism Kills: "Political Leaders Promoting Nationalist Populism Often Deploy Overt Racism"

Geneva, 15 March 2019 - "Racism is contrary to everything we stand for. Both as a United Nations body, and as an entity made up of Member States committed to the implementation of the Universal Declaration, this Council stands for an end to racism, an end to intolerance and xenophobia, and an end to discrimination of every kind. The murderous Islamophobic and terrorist attack, just hours ago, on two mosques in New Zealand is yet another terrible reminder that racism kills.

Sri Lanka War Crimes: UN Human Rights Chief Ms Michelle Bachelet Reiterates call to Investigate and Prosecute Wherever Possible under Universal Jurisdiction

Geneva, 08 March 2019 - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms Michelle Bachelet in a report released today (a) Urged the Human Rights Council to continue its close engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka and to monitor developments in the country; (b) Investigate and prosecute, wherever possible, in particular in accordance with universal jurisdiction principles, those allegedly responsible for such violations as torture, enforced disappearance, war crimes or crimes against humanity; and explore other options to advance accountability in the absence of credible domestic processes. (c) Continue to accompany the people of Sri Lanka in their efforts to address past human rights violations by supporting the establishment of adequate systems of accountability, justice and reconciliation.

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